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Residents kick off Red Deer’s Westerner Days
with their own pancake breakfast

July 24th, 2019

To kick off the city’s Westerner Days, Points West Living Red Deer whipped up a pancake breakfast with residents in each cottage kitchen. In the Happy Village cottage, things got a little silly when an employee care partner came up with the idea of making smiling pancake faces. The tasty results brought a smile to everyone’s face.

Smiling pancakes

Recreation Aide, Sarah Williams was in Happy Village cottage to see the silliness unfold. “We dressed up the smiling pancakes with whipped cream hair,” she says, “and one resident, Ella was so excited to receive the pancake.” Back at the griddle, another resident, Eileen kept the batter flowing creating pancakes for everyone. “Eileen was such a help decorating the pancakes and pouring out the batter… She loves to help in the kitchen and lend a hand when she can.”

A perfect Eden Moment

It stuck Sarah as a perfect moment of Eden Principles in action. “Eileen was able to give and receive so much joy from doing a job that she loved to do in the past,” says Sarah, “while Ella was able to receive a much joy. It makes you think about how a little smile can go a long way!”

Photo: (Clockwise) Resident Eileen keeps the batter flowing; Ella delights in her decorated pancake face; and who can resist a smiling pancake!

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