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Pro Auctioneer dazzles residents out of their
‘monopoly money’

August 1st, 2019

Trinkets and snacks have never been so appealing as they were recently under the hammer of licensed auctioneer Scott Douglas. Scott came to Points West Living Stettler in early July to hold a live auction event for residents to enjoy. 

A well-heeled lot

On the table were walker-décor items, stuffed animals, summer hats, and an assortment of other goodies, including food and snacks. Resident audience members were a well-heeled lot, each holding $3,000.00 of ‘monopoly money’, and keen to spend it all.

Scott recruited resident Marion McCarty to hold up each item as it was auctioned off. “Scott called out the prices with speed that only a true auctioneer can do,” Says Recreation Therapist, Lisa Smith. “Once he started into his auctioneering, residents’ faces lit up with joy.”

Bidding war

At one point, competition heated up over a summer hat, with two ladies trying to outbid each other. Resident Anita Davie won the contest, and got to take the hat home. 

“Wow! The Live Auction was amazing,” says Elaine Partsch, Recreation/Health Care Aide, who helped set up the event. “It was so much fun, we need to do it more often."

“We’re so lucky to have a local auctioneer so willing to volunteer his time to put on an event like this,” says Lisa. “We can’t wait for the next one.”

Photo: Auctioneer Scott Douglas coaxes residents to ever-higher prices, as volunteer Marion McCarty holds up the auctioned item – a reusable drink container, at the July 4th Live Auction at PWL Stettler.

More photos at Flickr: Pro Auctioneer dazzles residents out of their ‘monopoly money’

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