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After almost 20 years away, LPN returns home
to new role in Slave Lake

August 6th, 2019

Points West Living Slave Lake’s new Wellness Supervisor/Educator is happy to be back in the community after 19 years away. During that time, Jill Jantzi worked as a Licensed Practical Nurse in Edmonton, including hospital roles in the Medical Unit, Postpartum Care, and Neonatal Intensive Care.

A small town by the lake kind of gal

“I moved to Slave Lake when I was 10 years old,” says Jill. “All of my education was done here, including my LPN (then RNA).” After working at the Slave Lake Hospital for ten years, she moved to Edmonton, where she says she never intended to stay long.

“My heart was always a ‘small town, by the lake’, kind of gal,” Jill says. “So, I’m back where my heart has always longed to be, and doing a job I am loving, How good is life!?”

Great asset to the community

“Jill Jantzi is a great asset to the community. Most of our residents are her friends’ parents. She knows them from childhood so there are no trust issues,” says General Manager Marilyn Boduik. “It’s been great for our LPN team as well. Jill brings many years of her own trials and errors in the profession of nursing and has learned many things along the way as a result. I am happy for my LPN team that they get to be mentored and to learn from her vast range of knowledge. It’s truly a win for PWL Slave Lake to have her on the team.”

Photo: LPN Jill Jantzi is the new Wellness Supervisor/Educator at PWL Slave Lake

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