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Residents bid farewell to summer on the patio

October 2nd, 2019

It’s always tough to say goodbye to summer, but residents at Points West Living Athens Creek in Penticton have figured out how to do it with enthusiasm. Over the summer, they usually have a patio luncheon every two weeks, and their last one of the season was held in mid September.

Pizza, margaritas and strawberry shortcake

Residents get to vote for the feature dish they’d prefer for their luncheons, usually choosing among pizza, chicken wings and cheeseburgers. Pizza won out for the final luncheon, and as a special treat, lime margaritas were added, along with iced tea, lemonade, water, juice, pop, wine, beer, and coolers. Dessert is usually an ice cream bar or cone, and for the final luncheon, strawberry shortcake was served.

Switching things up

“About 25-36 residents sign up for both meal sittings, switching things up a bit from how they usually enjoy their indoor meals,” says recreation coordinator Ellie Bertrand. “This encourages socializing among residents who might not always see each other.”

Cooperative weather

“This past year, I have been so fortunate with the weather clearing for these luncheons,” Ellie adds. “It has been awesome. One time the rain held off during the luncheon and started to pour within ten minutes of my clearing everything away.”

Photo: Resident Glady Scott (centre), joined by family members (left), chats with retired maintenance man, Paul Wade (yellow shirt), and resident Donna Schellenberg (right) at an early summer luncheon at PWL Athens Creek, Penticton.

More photos at Flickr: Residents bid farewell to summer on the patio

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