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Ornament paintings tap individual creativity

January 2nd, 2020

A handful of Points West Living Peace River residents gathered in the days leading up to Christmas to create some art. In spite of some initial resistance, they followed a step by step process, and in the end, even though all of the paintings were different from each other, each artist was pleased with the result.

Absorbed in creating

“Before we started residents were saying, ‘Oh, I don’t know how to paint;’ ‘I’m not artistic enough;’ or ‘My hand is not working right;’” says recreation coordinator Melody Managtag. “But somehow we managed to convince them to join us.” Some family members were there to help out as well, and soon everyone forgot what they couldn’t do and became absorbed in creating art.

"It was a beautiful messy"

“We laughed and we enjoyed doing it together while listening to Christmas songs.” says Melody. “It was messy, but it was a beautiful messy.”

Photo: Residents Alma PerrottaJohanna Baars, and Noella Fillion show off the ornament paintings they created during an afternoon of painting on December 11 at PWL Peace River

More photos at Flickr: Ornament paintings tap individual creativity

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