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Saskatchewan premier visits PWL Prince Albert

March 11th, 2020

The premier of Saskatchewan paid an impromptu planned visit to Points West Living Prince Albert on Friday March 6. He was in town to provide locals with details of a $300-million hospital expansion, and just three days in advance, he decided to visit residents at PWL Prince Albert.

Invitation to visit 'the best place in PA'

Joe Hargrave, MLA for Prince Albert Carlton, had offered to bring the Premier Scott Moe here, to ‘the best place in Prince Albert,’” says General Manager Wendy Lamaigre, adding that when the premier accepted, “How could we refuse! With only a few days to prepare, residents were advised and space was arranged for the premier’s visit.”

When the premier arrived, accompanied by MLA Hargrave, residents were seated ready to hear what he had to say. He described the hospital expansion, which will raise the level of acute care provided to that of a tertiary level hospital, able to provide advanced care for people in Prince Albert and across northern Saskatchewan.

Premier thanks residents

“Premier Moe went on to thank the residents for their contributions in building Saskatchewan,” says Wendy. “He added that current and future generations will benefit from their hard work.”

“Scott Moe just so happens to live in Shelbrooke, just outside of Prince Albert,” says Wendy, “And he knows the struggles we’ve had with adequate healthcare, and with receiving services in an aging hospital facility, built 50 years ago.”

Crowd pleaser

Following the presentation, the premier visited with residents and family members. “There were a number of retired nurses in the crowd (both residents and family members) who were absolutely thrilled with the news of both a new addition and a complete renovation to the existing hospital facility,” Wendy says.

“Ninety percent of our residents showed up to hear Premier Moe,” she adds. “It was evident by the smiles and applause that he was a welcome visitor to our home.”

Photo: Premier Scott Moe (left) and local MLA Joe Hargrave show off the architectural concept rendering of the Victoria Hospital expansion project to residents of PWL Prince Albert on Friday March 6 (Photo authorized for use by Office of the Premier/Government of Saskatchewan).

More photos at Flickr: Saskatchewan premier visits PWL Prince Albert

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