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Fluff-ball chicks spread joy among residents

March 6th, 2020

Points West Living Wetaskiwin is temporarily home to a small flock of Salmon Faverolles chicks. Throughout most of February, residents kept an eye on an incubator set up in the main living room of Cottage E, and when the eggs began to hatch, they shared the joy throughout the community.

21 day incubation

The eggs needed to be gently turned every day they were in the incubator, so there was lots of build up to the chicks’ hatching.

Chicks on Tour

When they started to emerge after their 21 day incubation, they really began to attract attention. So much, that Recreation Therapist, Haley Wilde loaded their pen onto a big trolley and wheeled it around to the entire community. She called the expedition “Chicks on Tour”. Lots of fluffy love happened as she pulled the hatchlings out for residents to cuddle.

New life

“I thought it was an awesome chance to have some new life in the community,” says Haley. “Many of our residents were farmers and it brought great joy to them being able to be part of the process again.”

Update: On March 10, the chicks went to the farm of a neighbour of GM Tamara Thomas.

Photo collage: PWL Wetaskiwin residents Fransiena Bukkems, and (right) Ted Dagaford hold the wee chicks and their hearts melt. 

More photos at Flickr: Fluff-ball chicks spread joy among residents

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