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Lighthearted reminder to take special care during COVID-19

March 25th, 2020

Corona Beer is a much loved brew both in its original country of Mexico, and around the world. Employee care partners at Points West Living Peace River are playing on brand recognition to increase residents’ participation in fighting the COVID-19 virus, coronavirus.

Something comical

Recreation coordinator Melody Managtag says employee care partners were challenged to create something comical that would attract people’s attention and encourage them to sanitize their hands.

“Since people had been associating Corona beer with the virus, the idea came to mind to make a life size imitation of this beer,” says Melody. “It took some time for it to materialize but it has had a wonderful effect on people.”

Made them chuckle

“It made them chuckle amidst the stressful things going on around us,” she adds. “Some said it’s really creative, and funny, or even ‘Genius!’. Some people roll their eyes and laugh.”

Photo: LPN Ann Majekodunmi encourages resident Lucas Batty to use hand sanitizer at the distinctive Corona virus prevention station at the reception desk at PWL Peace River.

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