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Riding club moseys into community to engage residents

May 25th, 2020

Residents at Points West Living Slave Lake enjoyed a bit of equine excitement with a recent visit by the local Traildusters Horse Club. The club members, many of them children, wanted to do a brief ride in the parking lot so residents and staff could watch and engage with them and their horses.

Much joy and many happy smilles

“The day was a little cool,” says recreation coordinator Mailyn Fornoles, “but several residents were happy to go outside to watch the riders. A few were even able to pet the horses. There was much joy and many happy smiles.”

Photo collage: The local Traildusters Horse Club paid a visit to PWL Slave Lake on May 19 to bring residents and staff something a little bit different during the isolation brought on by COVID-19 interaction restrictions.

More Photos at Flickr: Riding club moseys into community to engage residents

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