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Adventurous residents have a blast playing inventive games

May 27th, 2020

Having everyone share the same recreational equipment – be it bocce balls, bingo dabbers, or beanbags – is a 'no-no' under COVID-constraints. So, recreation teams are getting inventive and putting a new spin on old favourites. Folks a Points West Living Athens Creek in Penticton held a games day recently that broke new ground on the rules of the game.

Water balloon baseball anyone?

Beanbag baseball is a favourite with residents at PWL Athens Creek, but it's not happening as long as the threat of COVID remains. Recreation coordinator Ellie Bertrand took on the challenge of adapting the baseball game to the new COVID reality. “I came across a game where people threw water balloons at a Twister board off their balconies. That would not work at our community, but I could not get the idea of how much fun our community would have throwing water balloons. So, I came up with the alternative of throwing water balloons at hula hoops for points.”

“We set the game up on one of our outside bocce courts and marked the ground with pylons and chairs to ensure the residents would be able to respect physical distancing while playing,” Ellie says. “We gave all the residents loaded mini water guns, and Donna McBeth (General Manager) and I wore silly wigs.”

Water explosions revisit sillier time

“At first everyone was a bit unsure what to expect,” says Ellie, “but with every water explosion we were taken a little further back to a younger, sillier time. We spent about an hour taking turns throwing the water balloons, with Donna starting and finishing many water fights! After we exhausted our balloon supply, we went out to our patio for some physical-distancing wine and chips.”

Impromptue hula hoop contest

“As I was cleaning up, Donna started a hula hooping contest,” adds Ellie. “A few employee care partners and residents tried out our skills, and care partner Josielyn won bragging rights – by a long shot.”

There was a lot of surprising spontaneous fun during the afternoon of games, a true sign of Eden principles at work. “We look forward to many more ‘silly’ afternoons,” Ellie says.

Photo: Social distancing on the bocce-ball court, residents enjoy a ‘silly’ afternoon of water fun. Clockwise from top left: resident Barbara Jensen joins a last minuite hula hoop contest; resident Bob McDonald tosses a water balloon to a hula hoop target; and Barbara Jensen takes her turn at water-balloon-hula-hoop-baseball.

More photos at Flickr: Adventurous residents embrace inventive games

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