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Handsome resident revealed under all that 'COVID hair'

June 22nd, 2020

One of the services people missed most during the months of strict COVID-19 constraints was haircuts. Even once salons and barber shops began opening again earlier this month, many residents were unable to go out and get it done. That was the case for Dwight Biggs at Points West Living Peace River. Fortunately, family and community connections helped him happily shed his long locks.

How fast one's hair grows

“Some may not realize how fast one’s hair grows until we are unable to get it cut,” says Cathy Pollard, recreation coordinator. “Dwight’s sister brought him a pair of clippers so he could receive a trim, but he wasn’t able to perform the task on his own, so she asked us for help.”

Layer by layer

“The family asked the LPN to cut it but because she was busy and I had the time, I stepped in,” says Zoliaka Apiako who was interim General Manager at the time. Zoliaka gowned up with face mask and gloves, and clipped away layer after layer of Dwight’s ‘COVID hair’.

"Thank you for making me handsome again"

“Zoliaka and Dwight were both laughing and having a good time,” adds Cathy, who watched as Dwight re-emerged from all that hair. “Even though some may think that this is not a huge deal, Dwight was very appreciative of this small gesture of kindness. He now looks like a new man. He even said to Zoliaka, ‘Thank you for making me look handsome again.’”

In many Points West Living communities, hair salons are opening up for residents, but PWL Peace River does not – yet. Zoliaka says she was trying to find one before COVID hit, and will continue now the community’s salon is available again.

Hairdressing across PWL has changed

Across Points West Living, hairdressers are able to return to their salons, but COVID-19 restrictions remain in place to minimize the possibility of introducing the virus and the risk of its spread. A few key changes to the salon practices include:

  • Limiting the number of people within the salon and arranging scheduling and seating to enforce physical distancing
  • Reduced service offerings available, following industry guidance
  • Non-hairdresser assistance required to escort residents to and from appointments
  • Stylist and resident/client (if possible) must wear a mask
  • Enhanced cleaning within salon, and hand cleaning is required entering and leaving
  • ‘Safe payment’ (no cash) preferred payment method

Photo: Resident Dwight Biggs and Interim GM, Zoliaka Apiako share a laugh after an impromptu and welcome haircut at PWL Peace River.

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