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Hallway bingo; a new way to enjoy a favourite game

June 8th, 2020

Like residents in most (if not all) Points West Living communities, people at PWL Lloydminster love their Bingo games. When the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions were implemented, scheduled activities involving more than five people were cancelled indefinitely. Residents missed it so much, something had to change.

Hall Bingo

When recreation aide Jackie Orbeck brainstormed to find a solution to bring Bingo joy back to residents, she came up with Hall Bingo. 

“Each resident has been given a bingo card to keep,” explains General Manager Sarah Walker. “Jackie brings our bingo machine into the middle of the hallway, and each resident comes to their suite door to play their card. Almost all residents in the cottage hallways come out to play. This activity has actually brought out more participants than when we had regular Bingo in our dining room.”

Such a hit

“Residents look forward to when we have each cottage hall bingo,” adds Sarah. “They get the cards ready and are out early in the doorway waiting for Jackie. This is still going on 3 times a week and is such a hit.”

Photo: Resident Hilda Peterson is ready to play her card in the thrice-weekly cottage Hall Bingo game at PWL Lloydminster

More photos at Flickr: Hallway bingo; a new way to enjoy a favourite game

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