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Lifting spirits, one flower at a time

June 8th, 2020

With the continuing social and activity restrictions around the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s not surprising many residents at Points West Living Cochrane are feeling a bit down. So when Brilliant Blooms, a local Cochrane floral shop, offered to come by with some pick-me-up flower arrangements, they were welcomed with (virtual) open arms.

12 small bouquets

“Twelve small bouquets of flowers were delivered to PWL Cochrane to be given out to residents on Monday May 25,” says Recreation Therapist Dawn Robertson. “Priority was to be given to residents who were feeling a little ‘down in the dumps’ that day.”

“This kind initiative was the brainchild of Rachel Braun who lives in the nearby neighborhood of Riversong here in Cochrane,” adds Dawn, “along with her friend Brittni Wilson, owner of Brilliant Blooms in our neighborhood of Fireside. They collected small jars donated by friends in the neighborhood and created and delivered the beautiful little creations to us.”

Joy and sunshine

On the Brilliant Blooms Facebook page, Brittni explains that she is creating the bouquest and delivering them a handful seniors homes in Cochrane and Calgary. “This way they can enjoy my flowers while being in lockdown as I am sure they are all feeling very lonely right now. So I really hope this brings them all joy and sunshine during this time.”

Absolutely delighted!

The flowers certainly had the desired effect on the dozen recipients at PWL Cochrane. “Upon seeing the flowers, their moods immediately lifted,” says Dawn. When she asked resident Sheila Peterson (above right) how she felt after receiving a bouquet, Sheila responded “Absolutely delighted!”

“Rachel and Brittni plan to deliver more in the near future,” adds Dawn, “further spreading the sunshine!”

Photo: (clockwise from top left) PWL Cochrane residents Betty Baumgartner and Sheila Peterson are delighted to receive their surprise bouquets. (Bottom) A box of beaufiful wee bouquets from Brilliant Blooms of Cochrane.

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