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Looking forward with fun

March 23rd, 2021

Residents and employee care partners have been shaking things up a bit at Points West Living Wetaskiwin. With weekly theme days and a brand new group game, they find themselves wondering, “What’s next?”

Funky Fridays

It started with ‘Funky Fridays’, where care partners take ‘Casual Friday’ over the top. They show up with the most improbable outfits, based on that week’s theme. So far, they’ve had Jersey Day, Crazy Hair Day, Neon Day, and St. Patrick’s green and gold Day; with more funky Fridays planned into the weeks ahead.

“As a team, we are looking forward to doing this for a long time because it gives everyone something to look forward to each week,” says Recreation Therapist, Haley Wilde. “Anyone is welcome to participate and it helps everyone feel included and enjoy a bit of fun!”

And old side table and some chicken wire...

A home-crafted ‘Kerplunk’-type game is drawing residents into a whole lot of fun. “(Office Administrator) Kelly Wolden and her husband Ken used their craftsmanship to create this beauty,” says Haley. “They used an old side table, some chicken wire, and slapped on a fresh coat of paint. Paired with some colorful balls and new dowelling, this fancy new game is catching everyone’s attention.”

“Residents are having a blast with this new game they previously loved on a smaller scale. We can hear giggles down the hall all afternoon as residents strategize their best plan to win,” Haley adds. “This is a game residents will be able to enjoy and play for a very long time, and we are so thankful to Kelly and Ken for their hard work.”

Photo: PWL Wetaskiwin residents enjoy their new group Kerplunk-type game, taking turns pulling out one stick at a time, without dropping a ball. Inset: Every ‘funky’ Friday, employee care partners dress to a theme. This one was either crazy hair day or neon day!

More photos at Flickr: Looking forward with fun

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