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Workout Wednesdays get things moving

May 25th, 2021

For residents at Points West Living Cold Lake mimicking the actions of everyday chores has added a spark of interest to their Wednesday exercise program. What really got things going was when practicum social work student Jody Lehr Turco created a video which residents could follow on the big screen.

Watering the flowers

“In the videos, Jody gets residents involved with different scenarios such as going to the barn, grabbing a watering can and watering the flowers,” says recreation coordinator Lindsay Boisvenue. “For her next video, Jody says she’d like to pretend they are in a grocery store and reaching for different things on the shelf.”

Feeling the workout

“She gets their necks, legs and arms moving,” adds Lindsay. “One resident even said that they could feel their muscles the next day.”

After the workout, residents like to stick around for some treats, a snack, and a visit.

Photo: Flanked by residents Jim Hollingshead (left) and Roger Duckett (right), Social Work student Jody Lehr Turco (centre) follows her own on-screen movements to lead PWL Cold Lake residents on a Workout Wednesday fitness routine.

More photos at Flickr: Workout Wednesdays get things moving

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