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Fiesta surpasses Siesta as residents celebrate Mexico-style

June 8th, 2021

The Mexican party was billed as “No time for siesta… it’s time for a fiesta!” And residents of Points West Living Wainwright got in the spirit with food, music, décor, and… black mustaches. Residents and employee care partners alike dug out their colourful summer outfits, adding to the vacation feel of the event.

Taco lasagna...

“The kitchen care aides prepared a delicious, flavorful taco lasagna for lunch, while volunteers and I decorated our recreation room for the fiesta,” says recreation coordinator Shauna Lee Carlson. “Mini piñatas were hung from the ceiling, ponchos and blankets were draped over the furniture, masks, carvings, jewelry, sombreros and other souvenirs were displayed throughout the room.”

Accordion music and churros

“After lunch, we were well entertained with jokes and stories accompanied by lively accordion music thanks to Sheldon Frissell whose parents both live at PWL Wainwright,” Shauna Lee adds. “The theme carried on with churros and Mexican lemonade for the refreshments while music by mariachi bands and the Tijuana Brass played in the background.”

“These theme days are a lot of fun and so welcomed by everyone.”

Photo Collage: (top left) Resident Gordon Gilchrist enjoys the Mexican fiesta at PWL Wainwright on May 28, while food service care partners Bobby Saludario and Patricia Richard show off a platter of fresh churros.

More photos at Flickr: Fiesta surpasses Siesta as residents celebrate Mexico-style

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