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Jamaican Chef Leads Happy Bunch

September 12th, 2012

Patrick Forbes left Jamaica in the ‘80s but brought his sunny disposition and positive outlook with him.

The 44-year-old works as kitchen supervisor at the Gardens in Grande Prairie, where he enjoys pleasing residents and experimenting with different foods.

“When you enjoy what you do everything is cool,” he says with a laugh.

General Manager Dana Lamoureaux describes Forbes as a calm man who is able to motivate staff and keep everyone happy.

“He is so easy going and keeps everything in the kitchen running at a nice pace,” she says. “Everybody is smiling and laughing and having fun while they work and they are working as a team.”

Forbes says he wants staff to have fun while working to the best of their ability.

“I just let them know that everything is cool, everything is beautiful, and even if they make a mistake it’s all good because you have to learn from mistakes so don’t worry or be too hard on yourself.”

Forbes has worked in senior’s facilities for the past six years and says he enjoys getting to know residents during the moments when he is able to help serve or top up coffee. He says he has learned to modify his accent so that residents and staff can understand him.

“When I interact with someone of a different nationality I need to be able to speak clearly so they can understand me because if my mother tongue comes out there can be a little bit of confusion.”

Forbes says he will always miss Jamaica but is grateful for the opportunities living in Canada has given him.

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