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And, they're off! It's a high stakes
horse race at PWL Peace River

June 13th, 2017

What do you get when six nursing students are tasked with coming up with a creative recreation activity? At Points West Living Peace River, it was a high stakes horse race, with props and prizes and a lot of fun. 

A memorable recreation project

The Northern Lakes College (Peace River) Licensed Practical Nursing students, along with an instructor, spent their five-week practicum at PWL Peace River. For their final day at PWL, they prepared a memorable recreation project. Recreation coordinator, Bernadette Harris says, “They planned a horse racing game, and they went out and got donations for the prizes and the horse heads.”

For those not familiar with the game, Bernie describes it. “The horse race works on the same premise as Snakes & Ladders,” she says. “All horses are given a number, and whatever number is rolled on the giant die, the horse moves ahead that many spaces. If they land on a down ladder, down they go; and up on an up ladder.”

Win, place or show

“The folks who are not playing at the time get to place bets with Monopoly money; to win, place or show – basically 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.” Winners of the horse race were: 1st, Anne Kuran receiving a $50.00 gift card for non-emergent medical transportation; Mary Biggs and Dale Smith were 2nd & 3rd, each receiving a $25.00 basket of personal care products.

Laughs, fun and smiles

“It was so wonderful to see so many laughs, fun and smiles,” Bernie adds. “After the races a group picture was taken. We had cake and said ‘See you later. We’ll miss you!’ to all our LPN students and their instructor. All of them have more studies to complete to become certified LPNs, and definitely the intent is at some point to have some of them working with and for us in the Eden model of care.”

Photo: Resident Paul Dobransky gets ready for his turn on the track with the help of LPN nursing student at PWL Peace River.

More photos at Flickr: And, there off! It’s a high stakes horse race at PWL Peace River

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