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PWL Stettler family grows... wings!

August 15th, 2017

Points West Living Stettler is home to eight new bright and beautiful tropical birds. The new arrivals are adding colour, interest and happy squawks and twitters to two cottage areas. All of this avian activity is attracting admirers from throughout the community. 

Bird bonding

PWL Stettler residents had their first bird bonding time this past spring, when they oversaw the hatching of a batch of baby chickens (May 23 2017 article). The bitter sweet experience of sending those chicks back to the farm prompted the acquisition of this new flock for residents to enjoy year round. 

Name the birds

The first birds arrived at the end of May, and thanks to a three week ‘name the birds’ contest involving residents, family members and care partners, all eight now have names. Two budgies – David Copperfield and Houdini – live in Pioneer Place cottage. The remaining six birds live in Meeting Creek. They are budgies Buddy and Slade; finches Lois and Clark; and two cockatiels, Mommo and Rico.

Bird calls

“Mommo and Rico, the two cockatiels come out of their cage, and hang out on the outside of the cage,” says recreation coordinator Jenn Dixon. “Residents love all the birds and sit and watch them, making bird calls back. Other residents from other cottages come and see them, as well as kids from the Day Home that comes to visit twice a month.”

“A big thank you to care partners Denise, Barb and Suzanne who take care of the birds,” adds Jenna. 

Photo: Resident Beryl Finch enjoys watching the birds and the visiting children at PWL Stettler.

More photos at Flickr: PWL Stettler family grows… wings!

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