Points West Living - Wetaskiwin

PWL Wetaskiwin welcomes MLA visit
in lead up to opening day

The days and weeks leading up to the scheduled September 17 opening day for Points West Living Wetaskiwin have been full of bustling activity. People are putting finishing touches on the building and grounds, receiving and placing furniture and equipment, taking part in orientation and training of new employee care partners, and showing off the new building...



Local artist’s work is chosen for welcome wall
at PWL Wetaskiwin

Points West Living Wetaskiwin is still undergoing final touches before opening in August, but we already know what residents and visitors will see when they enter the building for the first time. General Manager Tamara Thomas has chosen the pencil drawing she will hang in the main entrance – once the construction dust has settled.



PWL Wetaskiwin training and opening dates set

The countdown is on for the opening of Points West Living Wetaskiwin. General Manager Tamara Thomas is excited to share two of the dates she has inked into her calendar. The first is the two-week employee orientation that gets underway June 11. The second is July 3, 2018, when she and employee care partners plan to welcome their first Designated Supportive Living residents. 



New General Manager prepares for summer
opening of PWL Wetaskiwin

Lots of people are getting excited about this summer’s opening of Points West Living Wetaskiwin, but none more keenly than Tamara Thomas. Back in September, Tamara was hired as the general manager for the new supportive living home, and while she’s been active elsewhere in Points West, she can’t wait to get started in Wetaskiwin.