Cold Lake - Services

Access to the services of health care professionals and personal care providers in the comfort of home.

  • Round-the-Clock Professional Health Care to keep you feeling your best
  • Personal Services to keep you looking your best
  • Personalized Cleaning Schedules to keep your home within a home just the way you like it!

The Eden Model of Care

Points West Living follows the Eden Model of Care. This philosophy supports people to continue to be active, healthy, contributing members of their community.

Every Points West Living site is managed with a hospitality perspective focused on wellness rather than illness. We are communities where individuals are provided with choices and where medical treatment is the servant of genuine human caring, rather than its master.

Points West Living embraces the Eden Philosophy and believes that when an individual’s ability to contribute is recognized, the years to come can be a time of meaningful activities and satisfying personal growth. More about Our Philosophy...

Professional Health Care

Residents are cared for by a healthcare team that includes Registered Nurses (RNs), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), and Health Care Aids (HCAs). Long-term Care residents also have access to specialized services including Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Dietician Services, and onsite Pharmacists.

Personal Care

Staff provide courteous, gentle assistance with bathing, toileting, exercise, incontinence management, personal hygiene, grooming and dressing. Medication reminders and assistance with oxygen therapy are provided as needed. 

Food Service

 "To eat well is to live well "  ~ Anon

"There is no love sincerer than the love of food." ~George Bernard Shaw
(1856 – 1950)

Restaurant Service

At Points West Living, we treat our residents as honoured guests deserving of choice and high-quality cuisine prepared in our onsite kitchen and served restaurant style by trained wait staff. Residents interested in helping with meal preparation are encouraged to do so.

Staff join residents for meals and like home, residents are free to invite family and friends to share in special occasion meals and summer barbecues.

"I love this style of service because it simulates a real family dinner," says Head Chef Georg Rath.

Late Dinner Service
Residents live busy lives that sometimes keep them from eating dinner during standard meal hours. When this occurs, kitchen staff are happy to prepare a dinner plate residents can eat in the dining room or in their room.

"If someone isn't in residence at mealtime they might not get the roast beef, but there's always shepherd's pie," Rath says. "We won't let you go hungry!"

Breakfast Options
Residents need not worry about waking up in time for breakfast. Breakfast may be eaten whenever a resident wakes up.

How We Do It
PWL does not work with large corporate food delivery systems. Instead, we create unique menus emphasizing local flavours and incorporating locally grown seasonal produce.

Personal Choice in Food Service
The food choices we offer are based on the preferences of the people who actually live here. To ensure this, new residents are interviewed and a list of "likes and dislikes" is created to help guide our menu planning. Comment cards and suggestion boxes allow residents to provide feedback that is always acted upon.

Special Meals
Holidays, celebrations and special themes provide us with a wonderful opportunity to prepare special foods and invite special guests to enjoy meals and snacks prepared by our skilled kitchen personnel.

Special Occasions Activity Committees gathers input and ideas for holiday meals and celebrations and (with support from the kitchen) hosts holiday feasts, summer barbeques, cupcake decorating events for children, and popcorn movie nights!

Special Diets
Special preparations (mincing, pureeing, tube feeding, etc.) and special dietary requirements (for diabetes, celiac, allergies, etc) will be accommodated.

Cottage Cooking
Residents living in cottages share meals prepared in the main kitchen and served in shared cottage kitchens. Theme meals take place every month and involve residents working with staff to prepare delicious, healthy meals in a fully equipped cottage kitchen. Resident involvement is not required but is encouraged and enjoyed by most who take part.


Our buildings are professionally cleaned and maintained at all times including living units, which are cleaned on a schedule set by each resident. Residents interested in helping out and staying active are encouraged to help with light housekeeping and plant care in the common areas.

Laundry and Linen
Residents are asked to supply their own linens, which are washed by staff along with residents' clothes (a fee applies for the washing of personal laundry). Cottage residents may assist with laundry if they wish.


A full and varied recreation schedule provides residents with a range of social and recreational opportunities to choose from including musical performances, fitness classes, board games, bingo, and theme parties.

Activities are scheduled with input from residents, staff, activity aides, and a recreation therapist, and may include baking, church services, bible studies, and choir. Excursions into town and to local events and celebrations occur regularly and are enjoyed by the many who take part.

Pets at Points West

Well-behaved pets weighing 30 pounds or less are permitted with approval of the manager. Animals may be cared for by the resident, a family member or friend who is responsible for keeping the dwelling unit and the pet clean and sanitary.

Residents are reminded that:

  • Pets must be kept on a leash whenever they are outside a resident's unit
  • Owner's must clean up after pets immediately
  • Pets are not permitted in common areas
  • Noisy pets are not acceptable
  • Residents must immunize their pets and provide documentation