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The strength of PWL Drayton Valley: its people

Big trees and winding rivers coupled with tranquility, adventure and connection: those are what the Town of Drayton Valley prides itself on. There’s also another addition that helps make the Alberta community great: Points West Living.



Feline cuddles and playtime come to Drayton Valley

“Can we get a cat?” When Points West Living Drayton Valley resident Lloyd asked this, a plan quickly jumped into action.



Visits bring warmth to year’s-end in Drayton Valley

In Drayton Valley, the end of 2023 may have approached with little snow in sight, but a few visits brought a feeling of gratitude (and grinchiness!) to Points West Living residents.



Sock hop time in Drayton Valley

The 50s made a comeback at Points West Living Drayton Valley as the community hosted a sock hop.



Vintage cars turn back the clock for Drayton Valley residents

Residents at Points West Living Drayton Valley had a fun evening reliving their memories when the parking lot became adorned with vintage cars, graciously displayed there thanks to Mark from the Northern Thunder Car Club. Afterwards, everyone enjoyed dessert in the courtyard. The event took place on Wednesday, August 16, 2023.



The Gift of Giving fills 'blessing bags' from Drayton Valley

Every Friday employee care partners at Points West Living Drayton Valley choose to donate two dollars for the freedom of wearing jeans to work—a year-round tradition that raises donation monies for charitable organizations in the community of Drayton Valley.

For National Acts of Kindness Day this year, the money from the jeans day fund was used to buy supplies for residents and care partners to make blessing bags to donate to a local outdoor pantry that serves those who are unhoused and facing food scarcity.



Building friendships and gingerbread houses

Glenda Mabbutt with friends and their gingerbread house

Teens and seniors hanging out together socially? That may cause some apprehension. But at Points West Living Drayton Valley the feeling has gone from apprehension to anticipation.

It all started when a teacher from Little School In The Valley talked about having her middle school students volunteering to spend time with seniors and become pen pals. 



Countdown to Christmas starts with decorations

Kay Conroy decorating her own mini-Christmas tree

December started off with a burst of Christmas activities at Points West Living Drayton Valley. Decorating the many full sized Christmas trees in the community was very popular among the residents.



Poppies Row on Row

Remembrance Day at Points West Living Drayton Valley drew together residents Kay Conroy and Valera Martin and care partners Lydia, Emily and Edyta to make beautiful poppy craft.

See more photos here.



Halloween came with a surprise gift

'Movie Star' Kate Conroy making a Hollywood appearance!

In the spirit of Halloween many people at Points West Living Drayton Valley dressed in costumes, some which came as a surprise gift from a family of a resident that dropped off a box full of costumes for residents and Care Partners to wear.