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Points West Living residents enjoy a healthful blend of independence, social activity and high-quality personalized care in a friendly, caring assisted living community ... designed with resident’s well being in mind!

In Points West home in your neighbourhood you’ll find a comfortable, accessible, residents-focused setting, with a healthy mix of private and community living.

Our staff are caring professionals who are dedicated to helping residents thrive in an environment that supports and honours their abilities and contributions. We follow the Eden Model of Seniors Care.

Let us show you how our Contemporary ‘Lifestyle’ Communities promote active, engaged, and healthy living for seniors.


What's New

Visiting restrictions remain in place throughout Points West Living

Points West Living, along with its operations group Connecting Care is holding fast on measures to reduce the threat of COVID-19 to residents and employee care partners. We have implemented social distancing, meticulous cleaning, and screening to minimize potential exposure of our communities to COVID-19. That includes strict adherence to government directed limitations on visiting.


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person centered housing


Updated March 30, 2020
People are our priority, and that includes our residents, families, communities, and Employee Care Partners.

Please note:

    • Visitors to any Points West Living Community are limited to a single individual designated by the resident or guardian.

    • The essential visitor must be verified and undergo a health screening prior to entering the community. This may include a temperature check or a questionnaire.

    • Communities are required to have security staff or a greeter to conduct this screening and verify the visitor is designated.

    • Exceptions to these essential visitor rules will be made for family members to visit a resident who is in end-of-life care, so long as only one visitor enters the community at a time.

    • The temperature of all designated visitors will be taken by a non-invasive infrared or similar device. Anyone with a measured temperature of 38.0C or higher WILL NOT be admitted to the community and will be advised to leave the building in order to protect the health of the residents.

If you have concerns, please call the community for more information.

Thank you for helping us to reduce the spread and take steps to keep everyone healthy and safe.