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Famous visitor comes to PWL Moose Jaw

Gerry and nephew Logan Ferland, a real rough rider

 Points West Living Moose Jaw had an unexpected famous visitor after one of its residents purchased a new television. Gerry needed help lugging his new TV up to his suite and hooking it up. So he asked his nephew to come and help him out.  



Red Hats bring joy in celebration of sisterhood

For 17 years, Dorothy, a resident of Points West Living Moose Jaw, has been an active member of the Purple Sages Red Hat Chapter of Moose Jaw, a local group of ladies that get together to enjoy one another’s company and a sense of sisterhood.



Dog Love: Food for the Soul

Visits from the furry gang at No Dog Left Behind, a dog training program, always leaves smiles with the residents and care partners at Points West Living Moose Jaw.

Many studies have shown that having a dog or even spending time with dogs brings a range of health benefits. The physical and emotional pleasures of spending time with dogs is obvious to dog lovers.



Easter a full day of merriment and high spirits

Easter at Points West Living's Moose Jaw kicked off with residents scurrying around like bunny rabbies to locate hidden Easter eggs filled with chocolates and prize vouchers.

Once the eggs were found, residents who found vouchers in their eggs were able to claim their prize while enjoying gooey Easter treats.



Thanksgiving is for giving thanks

Resident at Points West Living Moose Jaw were given paper pumpkins and leaves to write about what they are thankful for and each one was then posted on the wall for everyone to read.

Turkey dinner was plentiful! Besides the bird, there was stuffing of course, ham, cabbage rolls, mashed potatoes with gravy, turnips and carrots, and pumpkin poke cake for dessert.




Aloha, Moose Jaw!

30-below may be a little cool for grass skirts, mimosas, and pineapples, but that was the point. Residents at Points West Living Moose Jaw banished the cold and dark for a day, to embrace a little bit of Hawaii.



How the Grinch brightened Christmas

One week before Christmas, residents at Points West Living Moose Jaw welcomed the Grinch into their home. Turns out, her heart was already pretty big, because she didn’t pilfer a single thing. In fact, she visited every resident and had everyone laughing at her antics.



Lots of home shopping at annual craft event

After a taking a break last year due to COVID, a longstanding tradition at Points West Living Moose Jaw was back again this year. The community’s sixth ‘annual’ December Craft Sale was held December 2nd, and residents were able to check many gift purchases off their Christmas lists, all from the comfort of their own home.



Different players, same playground

Points West Living Moose Jaw has a new general manager. With a background in early childhood education, Jennifer Montgomery has slipped seamlessly into a gentle, supportive role with residents and employee care partners. But thanks the Saskatchewan surge in COVID cases, she has had to come up to speed instantly on infectious disease protocol.



First time visit with COVID-era baby is pure bliss

When John Ziefflie’s great granddaughter Nora was born just over a year ago, nobody imagined it would be a full year before the two could meet in person. When it finally happened on June 1st at Points West Living Moose Jaw, the two made up for lost time with a lovely, relaxed, rolling visit.