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Productive hands are working again with Memory Care sensory board

September 22nd, 2020

For people who have lived busy, productive lives, keeping their hands busy is the honourable habit of a lifetime. Residents living in memory care at Points West Living Lloydminster have a new meaningful outlet for their still-active hands; a sensory board.

Something to appeal to our gentlemen

“We have a few of the blankets and quilts that are created for active hands,” says General Manager Sarah Walker, “but we needed something to appeal to our gentlemen.” HCA and LPN care partners came up with the idea of a sensory board loaded with handyman-type activities.

“They researched pictures, brainstormed, spoke with some of the residents and sent me a picture of what they thought would work for residents,” says Sarah. “Our office administrator, Rose Baranek’s husband Jake (pictured above) is very handy, so I approached him with the project.”

Lots of things to fiddle with

“He took the idea and got started right away and a week later he delivered the new sensory board, which is now hanging in Hummingbird Cottage. There are lots of things to fiddle with, unzip, unlock, and latch. There’s even a chalkboard to write important messages.”

Doing things we find meaningful

“We are excited to have this unique board as an addition to our home,” Sarah says, referencing the Eden Alternative principle that, “Meaningless activity corrodes the human spirit. The opportunity to do things that we find meaningful is essential to human health.”

Photo: Jake Baranek created a sensory board to give memory care residents – particularly the men – at PWL Lloydminster a station where they can engage their hands in some familiar, meaningful activity.

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