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Words of Wisdom for the back-to-school crowd

September 21st, 2020

Early in September, residents at Points West Living Cochrane were chatting among themselves about the first day of school and what a difference COVID would make for today’s students. The recreation team joined in and asked residents to share their thoughts and advice for the first day of school.

First day of school tips

“The first day of school can be a scary one for some - new classrooms, new people, and a new enviroment,” says recreation aide Isabella Yendt. “We heard a lot of insightful advice residents had gained from their many years of experience”

Insightful advice

Some of it was COVID specific, such as ‘Wash your hands and stay 6 feet apart’, and other advice was timeless:

  • Ask questions. Be a good listener.
  • Listen to your Mom and Dad. Talk nicely to others.
  • Follow the rules and regulations. Be kind. Follow the golden rules. Have good fun.
  • Listen to your elders’ advice, you will be great.
  • Mind the teacher and follow the rules. Be kind to everyone and walk away from mean people.
  • Behave yourself and stay in line.
  • Have a good time. Be good. Enjoy what you are doing.

“On behalf on all the residents and care partners at PWL Cochrane,” adds Isabella, “We send out our wishes for a happy, healthy and wonderful school year and good luck all to those starting their first day of school.”

Photo: (Clockwise from left) Residents Norma Bruce, Margaret (Marge) Esposito, and Shirley Iverson share their back to school wisdom

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