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Front-row open-air seats for a tour of the city

October 27th, 2020

Several Points West Living Lloydminster residents got a front row seat for a trishaw tour of the city. With a volunteer cyclist Don Duncan at the pedals, residents got to see hear, see, smell, and feel the fresh air as they explored about town.

Volunteer cyclists fuel the trishaw

The trishaw was purchased by Border City Connect (formerly Lloydminster Handi-van) a year ago, and because of COVID, area residents have only recently been able to get out for a ride in it. Don is the volunteer organizer of volunteer cyclists who fuel the trishaw’s trips.

We saw some really cool things

“During our ride we saw some really cool things,” says Recreation Therapist Karly MacDonald. “On one of the bike paths there was a book lending station for locals in the area. And we saw someone’s fence with was covered in decorative graffiti. Don said the people who owned the home put up a brand new fence and posted a note on it for anyone who wished to paint and decorate the back (bike path) side.”

Once the weather warms up in the spring, Karly is sure more residents will be keen to get out on more tours.

Photo: Residents Grant Laybourne (left) and Geoff Schmitz enjoy a day out and about in Lloydminster on a trishaw pedalled by volunteer Don Duncan.

More photos at Flickr: Residents get front-row open-air seat for a tour of the city

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