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Old age, I must accept it. Though…

March 23rd, 2021

As with most celebrations held at PWL Athens Creek in Penticton, Audrey Ross penned a special poem for the occasion – her 100th birthday! The community celebrated with a luncheon of Audrey’s favourite foods, and decorated with crafted yellow roses.

A lovely place to grow up

Audrey Ross has only lived in Penticton for the past four years. “I was born in Victoria and lived there all my life except for a couple of years in Vancouver,” she says. “I went to Oaklands School, Victoria College, got married, and had three children there. Vancouver Island was a lovely place to grow up; we didn’t have much money but it was depression days and nobody had much. We a car and a tent, and did a lot of camping and fishing.”

Move to Penticton

After 96 years, Audrey left Victoria, and her own home. “They had a hard job getting me away from living in my own house,” she says, “but it was getting harder for my daughters to come and see me.” With one daughter in Vancouver and the other in Pentiction, she decided to settle in the smaller community, and moved to Athens Creek in Penticton.

“Athens Creek is a wonderful place. My daughter lives close by and does a lot of shopping for me,” Audrey says. “I like to play games; I still win at Scrabble. I like to download games and other little board games.” And write poetry, which she’s done since she was a child.

How does it feel to be 100 years old?

“I can’t believe I’m 100 to tell you the truth,” she says, but her birthday poem reveals something of her heart.

Old Age

Old Age! I must accept it. Though
So many times I just forget
How old I am! I only know
Inside, my heart’s not wrinkled yet
My spirit’s old, but crystal bright
And young, with luminescent light.

Happy Birthday Audrey!

Photo: Audrey Ross’s 100th birthday celebration at PWL Athens Creek in Penticton.

More photos at Flickr: Old age, I must accept it. Though…

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