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Employee care partners step into Volunteer role

April 9th, 2021

In ‘normal’ times, volunteers play a huge role in Points West Living communities. They bring energy, ideas, time, attention, service, and love to residents year round. With renewed COVID-19 visiting restrictions, that spark and assistance remains on hold. At Points West Living Cold Lake, employee care partners are stepping up to fill the void – one evening a month.

Help with boredom and loneliness

For the past few months, PWL Cold Lake care partners have been coming in on their own time, one evening a month “to help with the boredom and loneliness” residents are feeling, says recreation coordinator Lindsay Boisvenue.

The first evening they enjoyed some great snacks prepared by the kitchen team, and chose between the activities of potting plants and water painting.

Spa (and cribbage) night

“Our next volunteer night, we figured we would spoil the ladies and do a spa night,” says Lindsay. “We painted their nails and curled their hair. Some of them couldn't remember the last time they had their hair curled. John our maintenance man sat down and played Crib with some of the men so they wouldn't feel left out.”

“When we came in the next day, Evelyn's hair still looked good. She asked us if we would curl it for her more often. We told her, anytime, come on out to our salon.”

Generating smiles

“We plan on making volunteer night a monthly thing,” Lindsay says, “and we’re searching for more ideas on how to get residents involved and bring smiles to their faces. “

Photo: Residents at PWL Cold Lake enjoy a spa evening with the volunteer spa services provided by employee care partners. The ladies had their nails painted and hair curled, while the gentlemen played cribbage.

More photos at Flickr: Employee care partners step into Volunteer role

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