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Mothers Day feast, flowers, and favourites

May 12th, 2021

In the days leading up to Mothers Day the women of Points West Living Athens Creek in Penticton were asked to make a list their favourite things. Then on Mothers Day, along with a special luncheon, each lady received a single carnation, and saw their lists on the community notice board, posted as a garden of colourful flowers.

Favourite things

“Last year we made a display with pictures of all the Athens’ ladies,” says recreation coordinator Ellie Bertrand. “This year we wanted to make it a little more personal, so we gave out a questionnaire and asked the women to share some of their favorite things with us.”

Ellie took in their responses and wrote their answers on petal-shaped paper, adding their name or picture as the floral disc. Then with some help on Saturday evening, she assembled each flower on the community bulletin board. “Residents were surprised to discover the Mothers Day wall display the next morning,” Ellie reports.


The special Mothers Day luncheon that followed was exactly what residents were hoping for, with a few extra touches. They had voted for a steak dinner, and, as Ellie says, “We ended up putting a lunch plate together of steak, prawns, onion rings, potato wedges, garlic bread and a green salad. It was served with wine and sparkling cider, and for dessert, lemon cheesecake. Mmmm!”

More photos at Flickr: Mothers Day feast, flowers, and favourites

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