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Giving and receiving care; an Eden principle in practice

May 26th, 2021

As a certified Eden Associate, Educator, and Mentor, Sarah Walker sees life through Eden-coloured lenses. The general manager of Points West Living Lloydminster is always looking for Eden Alternative principles in practice in her community, and how they translate into full lives, well lived. She recently witnessed this poignant example of giving and receiving care.

Eden Alternative Principle # 4 states: We thrive when we have purpose and the opportunity to give as well as receive. This is the Antidote for Helplessness.

Thrilled to help another resident

“Kitchen Supervisor, Rodelio Celestial captured this picture of one of our residents, Ann assisting another resident, Gordon to eat his lunch,” says Sarah. “Gordon takes his time to eat his meals, sometimes decides to nap during meals, and sometimes needs reminders to continue to enjoy his meals. Lunch was well over, the dining room tidied up, and most residents had gone to begin their afternoon plans.”

“Ann walked by and decided that Gordon needed a little help, and started to help him with his lunch. Ann was so thrilled that she was able to help another resident, her smile radiated that day.”

Being there, giving care

Later in the same week, care partners noticed that Gordon wasn’t in his room. “They searched all over the building for him,” Sarah says, “and eventually found him in his neighbour's suite. His neighbour, Joan is palliative and spends most of her day in bed. Gordon was sitting in her room. He’d made himself comfortable with his blanket and was just enjoying being with her, keeping her company, and giving her care.”

“These are two great examples of how residents give each other care and are a huge part of our care partnership.”

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