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Dancing the afternoon away…

July 13th, 2021

It has been a long time since residents at Points West Living Wainwright have been able to get up and dance to live music. Thanks to the appearance of ‘Ralph and Friends’ and their repertoire of old time dance music, residents took little coaxing to take advantage of relaxing COVID rules to have a wonderful, active, afternoon together.

Lady of the dance

“The Beehive was all abuzz, as friends old and new danced, laughed, and reminisced over music and delicious ice cream sundaes,” says recreation coordinator Shauna Lee Carlson. “One of our residents who loves to dance – Florence Haun (right in photo above) – is great at getting the rest of us off our seats, so there was much activity on the dance floor.”

“From the time the music starts until it ends you can see Florence on the floor…always smiling,” says Shauna Lee. “If someone just looks like they would like to dance, Florence notices right away. She has even got me to dance with my two left feet!”

Dance til you drop

Florence recalls going to old school dances with her family. “My Mom and Dad loved dancing, so I guess it was a family tradition. When we got tired, we were laid down to sleep on the stage on a pile of coats.” She was tireless at the PWL Wainwright afternoon dance. “I really enjoy all the people here, so it’s easy to have fun dancing with them.”

Even those who aren’t able to get up on the dance floor enjoyed the music and watching all the action of the dancers, says Shauna Lee. “The life and joy brought into our community at such activities is priceless!”

Photo: Residents Della Willerton (left) and Florence Haun take to the dance floor at a ‘Ralph and Friends’ entertainment at PWL Wainwright on June 24.

More photos at Flickr: Dancing the afternoon away…

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