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First group outing since COVID is a real ‘Spirit’s Respite’

July 14th, 2021

In the first group outing since COVID began, residents at Points West Living Stettler visited an animal therapy ranch about ten minutes north of town. They loved watching and interacting with the animals and children, and basking in the open air freedom of the ranch.

Spirit's respite...

Spirit’s Respite Ranch focuses on special needs and conditions ranging from PTSD to anxiety,” says Recreation Therapist, Lisa Smith. “Owner Janelle Robinson, whose great grandmother used to live at PWL Stettler, invited residents to come for a visit to interact with the animals.”

“The majority of our residents grew up and lived on farms their entire lives,” says Lisa. “The opportunity for them to visit with calm and safe animals was just what we needed to lift spirits and built anticipation for some fun.”

"That was the BEST day!"

Residents enjoyed refreshments as they watched young 4-H riders show off the horses in the arena, saw pet goats, miniature horses, chickens, and more. “When residents asked what they thought of the outing,” Lisa says, “we heard things like ‘Wonderful!’, ‘I loved it!’, and ‘That was the BEST day!’.”

This July 5th outing was the first of three visits Lisa and Janelle have booked for residents and family members to visit the ranch. “Word quickly spread on how great the outing was,” says Lisa, “and we have started receiving requests from residents to be on the next Handi-bus.”

Photo: PWL Stettler residents Mary Schroeder and Isabel Nixon relax in the cool of the stable at Spirit’s Respite Ranch north of Stettler on July 5th.

More photos at Flickr: First group outing since COVID is a real ‘Spirit’s Respite’

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