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Garden club brings joy and colour to the community

July 27th, 2021

Many residents of Points West Living Red Deer are avid gardeners. Fortunately, the community has an abundance of courtyard garden boxes that are in need of a little care. The two have come together this spring and summer with the creation of the Green Thumbs Garden Club.

Lots of green thumbs

“We have so many residents who still have their green thumbs and were eager to get their hands dirty and in touch with the garden soil again,” says recreation coordinator Susan-Lynn Whissell. “Our new and evolving garden club meets every Tuesday and Thursday and everyone is welcome.”

“We started off in the spring with planning and preparing the soil, deciding on the types of flowers we wanted to plant and purchasing what we needed,” says Susan-Lynn. “Some of our flowers and vegetables were kindly donated by families. Residents have really enjoyed planting and caring for the plants,” Susan-Lynn adds, “And we continue to meet regularly to water, weed, and deadhead the flowers and vegetable beds.”

Lots of reminiscing, laugher and socializing

“While we are out there, there’s lots of reminiscing going on about what types of gardens residents have had, what they enjoy planting, as well as great tips on gardening,” says Susan-Lynn. “There’s lots of laughter and socializing going on as well, as we sometimes sit and enjoy a coffee or tea and admire all of our hard work. We’ve introduced bird feeders so the residents can enjoy the birds in the courtyards along with the gardens. ”

“Gardening gives a great sense of accomplishment for residents to see all of the beauty they have planted and cared for,” says Susan-Lynn. “It is a mood booster with physical and mental engagement, as well as providing opportunities to socialize with fellow residents. It really is an antidote to loneliness, helplessness and boredom.”

Photo: PWL Red Deer residents Carron Dzuba (left), and Don & Joyce Lancaster share a laugh as they worked in the courtyard planter boxes earlier this spring. They are part of the Green Thumbs Garden Club, which has brought enjoyment and colour to the courtyards and the life of the community.

More photos at Flickr: Garden club brings joy and colour to the community

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