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A Tims Moment

July 26th, 2021

In Points West Living communities, Eden Moments recognize and celebrate the ‘aha’ moments when residents experience freedom from the 3 plagues of loneliness, helplessness, and boredom. But those moments are not just for residents, as a recent surprise delivery at PWL Athens Creek in Penticton illustrates.

Acknowledging essential workers

On July 14th, employee care partners at Athens Creek were surprised when a team from Tim Hortons showed up with a sweet delivery of individually wrapped doughnuts and piping hot coffee. Tims representatives are travelling nationwide to acknowledge essential workers as part of the ‘Tims for Good’ program.

“When our General Manager Donna McBeth found out about this program, she nominated the employee care partners at Athens Creek,” says recreation coordinator Ellie Bertrand. “Donna says she did so ‘Because of all the hard work they have put in during this shut down,’ adding, ‘Our employee care partners are the best and they work very hard.’”

Extra effort on all levels

“Our residents often share how care partners make the extra effort to make their days better,” says Ellie, “And moments like today show us where we get it from!” Ellie goes on to point to The Eden Alternative Principle Ten: Wise leadership is the lifeblood of any struggle against the 3 plagues. For it there is no substitute.

Photo: (Left) Ellie Bertrand is flanked by the ‘Tims for Good’ reps who delivered coffee and doughnuts to employee care partners at PWL Athens Creek in Penticton, with a message of thanks for the work they do. (Upper right) Josielyn Stinson and Arcelie Sabit are delighted with the gesture. “They both serve in our dining room,” says Ellie, “ and they are lovely, always taking the time to make our residents feel special.”

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