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Summer carnival is all fun and games

August 9th, 2021

Residents of Points West Living Lloydminster had a wonderful afternoon enjoying the fun and games of a summer carnival on Friday July 30th. Under hot clear skies with a light breeze, they checked out the various games, listened to music, and enjoyed carnival snacks.

Games and antics

There was a balloon popping station, ping pong ball toss (aka beer pong), quantity guessing jars of beads and yarn, and a water gun race. “Some of the residents had more fun squirting the water at employee care partners instead of into the cups,” says Recreation Therapist, Hanna Corpuz.

Then there was the pie-throwing station, with Hanna’s face as the target. “I almost got away with not doing the whipped cream throw,” says Hanna, but resident Hilda Andres couldn’t resist throwing a paper plate of whipped cream at her. “And soon after Hilda, Grant Laybourne wanted to give it a go too.”

Carnival food and music

“We had lemonade, popcorn and pretzels, peanuts, cotton candy, and Chef Rodell's homemade mini donuts,” Hanna adds. “I brought my portable speaker so we could have music outside while this was all happening. Everyone had a lot of fun.”

Photo: Resident Margaret Dosko tries the ping pong toss, at the PWL Lloydminster Summer Carnival on July 30th.

More photos at Flickr: Summer carnival is all fun and games

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