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Trishaw cycling gives riders a tour of the town

August 25th, 2021

There’s a new set of wheels cycling about the City of Cold Lake this summer. It’s an e-bike ‘trishaw’ piloted by volunteers who provide local seniors with a front row tour of their town. Residents at Points West Living Cold Lake have been taking full advantage of the opportunity.

Front row view

“Nothing beats seeing the smiles of our residents returning from their first trishaw ride,” says PWL Cold Lake’s new Recreation Therapist, Nikhil Raju. “They come back with wind in their hair, rosy cheeks and full of stories.”

Cycling adventure

The rides are offered to PWL Cold Lake residents every Monday and Thursday. The trained volunteer trishaw pilot rolls up to the building entrance, and residents don helmets and strap themselves into the front seat, and set off on their cycling adventure.

“The pilot will guide the bike into town, navigating bumps in the roads,” says Nikhil. “Residents make comments on the houses, size of trees, the marina, the beach, and reminisce about their own explorations and experiences.”

An open window to the community

“The ride is person-centered care where residents’ quality of life is enhanced and they experience life beyond the confines of their usual community,” adds Nikhil. “They become more engaged with their communities leading to social stimulation and improved mental health.”

The trishaw tours are an initiative of Cycling Without Age, a project of Age-friendly Cold Lake. On the Cycling Without Age Facebook page, they say the project 'works to improve the lives of the elderly in Cold Lake by promoting intergenerational relationships and providing seniors with an opportunity to connect with neighbors, nature, and fresh air.’

Photo: (main photo) PWL Cold Lake residents Marion Ballachay and Michele Penner bundle up for a trishaw ride, as volunteer pilot Sandy takes the pedals. (inset)Residents Paulette Lirette and Jackie Hunter enjoy a clear sunny day for their ride.

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