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Some-Buddy is always welcome

August 25th, 2021

One of Points West Living Wainwright’s most welcome visitors is Buddy, the six-year old miniature horse. While he comes to see one particular resident, he takes time to make everyone feel happy.

Horse-loving family

Buddy is owned by Greg and Linda Gilbertson, and his number one visit is with Linda’s mom, resident Winnie Clark. “Horses have always been a part of this family,” says recreation coordinator Shauna Lee Carlson. “Winnie rode horses to school and even to help round up and move cattle on the farm. Today Linda and Greg have 12 miniature horses, three donkeys and one mule.”

“Residents really enjoy seeing what Buddy will be dressed in when he comes to visit,” Shauna Lee says. “And they love to have their photos taken with him.”

Leah and her lambs

This summer, another couple of critters came to visit. “One afternoon, Leah, the granddaughter of a resident came to visit and brought two little lambs along. One was three days old, and the other three weeks old,” says Shauna Lee. “Leah was happy to show off her latest pets and tell us about her 4-H achievements. One resident, George Duerksen was a sheep farmer, and you could just sense his delight at being able to hold a little lamb.”

Water fights and and campfires

Other hot summer activities at PWL Wainwright included visits to the park, a miniature golf and ice cream outing, water fights (when the temperature was +30-degrees), and courtyard campfires with sing-alongs, games, stories, and snacks.

Photo collage: (Clockwise from lower left) Buddy in a suit jacket, with resident Winnie Clark (centre), and her daughter and son-in-law Linda and Greg Gilbertson; Buddy dressed as a Mexican flower donkey; and Leah with her young lambs, Jimmy and Wreck-It Ralph!

More summer fun photos at Flickr: Some-Buddy is always welcome

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