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Generous community provides season of beauty

October 8th, 2021

Gardening season may be over, but residents at Points West Living Prince Albert are still basking in the pleasure they got from their garden boxes this summer. And in the generosity of the broader community which made the boxes possible.

Gift cards and labours of love

“We were very fortunate and grateful for the donations of both gift cards and labours of love that got these garden boxes built and filled this year,” says General Manager, Heather Sander. “Lake Country Co•op gave us a $1000 gift card for supplies. Ruszhowski Enterprises donated all of the soil for the boxes.”

“And, resident Darlene Taylor’s (centre above) family members did all of the hard work of planning, designing, building, and installing our four lovely garden boxes.”

Three road trips to the garden centre

“Once we had the boxes in our courtyard, we took three road trips to a garden centre in the town of St. Louis, about half an hour south of Prince Albert, to purchase the plants to fill them,” says Heather. “Since then residents have been busy caring for and watering our garden boxes. At the peak of the season, they were just bursting with flowers and vegetables.”

Photo: (Center) Resident Darlene Taylor’s family planned, designed, built, and installed the four new garden boxes that got a lot of contented attention over the summer.

More photos at Flickr: Generous community provides season of beauty

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