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Halloween treats, costumes, and kids

November 9th, 2021

Residents who love Halloween set the tone this year at Points West Living Athens Creek in Penticton. There were witches and pumpkins, and lots of treats – including unmistakably Halloween themed sandwiches.

Costume parade

Most of the community’s Halloween celebrations happened on October 29, to coincide with the visit by two kindergarten classes from nearby Parkway Elementary school for a costume parade in the parking lot. Residents waved from their balconies as the kids showed off their Halloween finery. Each child received a special goodie bag.

Vibrant orange bread...

Lunch that day included crab salad sandwiches, and grilled Monte Cristo sandwiches… on slices of vibrantly orange bread; a much anticipated tradition at Athens Creek. “Our local Safeway made the mistake of making the coloured bread for us one year,” says recreation coordinator Ellie Bertrand, “and we’ve asked for it ever since.”

Some residents got in the Halloween spirit, distributing goodies to each other – starting at breakfast! They all received goodie bags with fresh chef-made gingersnaps, tootsie rolls, lollypops and mini chocolate bars.

Photo: (Lower left) Halloween-coloured sandwiches; (upper left) Ellie Bertrand and resident Laura Danberger; and resident Marlene Phillips, who Ellie says, “came down to breakfast in the morning and handed out candy while the little witch on her arm cackled.”

More photos at Flickr: Halloween treats, costumes, and kids

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