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Bake Sale a sweet success

December 3rd, 2021

“For months, nearly 2 years in fact, residents of Points West Living Wainwright have been itching to have a bake sale,” says General Manager, Carli Lopez, and they have finally been able to deliver. Residents and employee care partners baked for days to prepare, and on the morning of Thursday November 18, fellow residents lined up outside the Beehive recreation room to wait for the sale to open at 10am.

Huge variety of edible items

Inside, six tables overflowed with a huge variety of edible items. There was an assortment of cakes & cookies, Norwegian flat bread, lefse, pumpkin mincemeat loaf, caramel corn, gluten free chiffon cakes, fudge, toffee tarts, home-made jam, pickled carrots, relish, home-made buns, handmade cards and everything in between.

About ten minutes into the sale, the PWL Wainwright kitchen crew arrived with dozens of dinner buns, freshly baked and warm from the oven, to contribute to the sale. “They were gone in a flash!” says recreation coordinator Shauna Lee Carlson. “Within twenty minutes, pretty well everything was sold.”

Stock up on treats

With only a handful of family members attending, employee care partners and residents made up most of the shoppers. One resident used the event to stock up on treats to tuck into her freezer and bring out at her weekly bridge club gathering.

So many people made the event a success says Shauna Lee. “The Norwegian baking by resident Carol Johnson was the first to go, and Barry Marshall made his very popular ‘eatmore’ bars. Resident shoppers were delighted that the bakers had created several gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free options. One resident who isn’t able to bake, enlisted help of daughters and granddaughters, and they brought in homemade cakes, jams, jellies, and pickles.”

Affirmed and connected

“Looking back at the day,” says Shauna Lee, “residents have a real sense of pleasure, of working together and accomplishing a goal. And when someone comes up a week later and says ‘Gee those cinnamon twists were good,’ it makes one feel affirmed and connected.”

“We hope to host more meaningful social events at PWL Wainwright in the future,” adds Carli, “by empowering residents to decide, plan, and fulfill them, as they did with this very successful bake sale.” In all, $700 was raised, which will be divided between the recreation program and resident council.

Photo: Resident Betty Peterson eyes the goodies, while employee care partner Kristy McLean is ready to lay down cash for what she wants at the PWL Wainwright bake sale on November 18th.

More photos at Flickr: Bake Sale a sweet success

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