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Puppy love steals the showing

December 8th, 2021

On December 7th, Office Administrator Lydia Carter was showing some potential residents around Points West Living Drayton Valley, when they stumbled upon a scene that was totally off script. Puppies! And some very delighted residents who were lapping up some puppy love.


“I was not expecting there to be as much excitement in the cottage when I brought my tour onto the third floor,” says Lydia. “The cottage was absolutely bursting with energy. The majority of our residents, and our employee care partners couldn’t help but take a moment to snuggle with a very cute and incredibly soft puppy.”

“Health Care Aide Mary-Lou Kinniburgh brought in two of her seven-week-old puppies for the residents to meet, and Recreation Therapist Amber Tomaszeski took photos,” Lydia says. “The room was absolutely full of people who wanted to participate. It was so lovely to hear the room being filled with laughter and conversation. Residents were sharing stories of pets they’ve had.”

Smiles all around

“The puppies were so well behaved the only way you would have known they were visiting was from the atmosphere of the room. They were there for about an hour, and there were smiles all around.”

Photo: Resident Glenda Mabbutt enjoys some one-on-one cuddles with one of two puppies who visited PWL Drayton Valley on December 7th.

More puppy photos at Flickr: Puppy love steals the showing

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