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Elf-watch engages residents in lighthearted fun

December 21st, 2021

Each cottage community at Points West Living Stettler received an Elf doll earlier this season, and residents and care partners have been having fun hiding and finding them ever since. Some of those elves got placed into staged settings that are downright hilarious.

Fun focus

“An elf was provided on every cottage, with instructions to move him every night and use it as a conversation piece with residents during the day,” says Recreation Therapist Lisa Smith. “The intent was not to have the elf watching residents to keep them good, but rather to be a fun focus they could share.”

All sorts of mischief

“Some employee care partners really embraced the fun and got very creative with the elf getting into all sorts of mischief,” says Lisa. “Sometimes residents would look and find the elf themselves, and sometimes it was a team effort with employee care partners helping”

Trying to find that darned elf

“I noticed one resident walking around and I asked what she was up to, and she said, ‘Trying to find that darned elf!’. Another resident wanted to be in charge of hiding her cottage’s elf, and another, Donna Chapman told me, ‘It has been fun to have the elf to find every day.’”

Photo: This elf managed to get into a good bit of mischief while everyone else in the cottage was asleep.

More photos at Flickr: Elf watch engages residents in lighthearted fun

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