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Caroling and more to watch through the season

December 20th, 2021

Several Points West Living communities took part in this year’s Virtual Caroling videos, and some took advantage of local talent to round out the shows. This year’s shows were presented as a musical advent calendar, with a new video being released each day.

Videos posted online

The videos are posted on the Connecting Care YouTube channel, and feature residents, employee care partners, and supporters singing, playing, reading, and performing. If you want to see what your favourite Points West Living community contributed, check out the following days:

  • PWL Drayton Valley: Day 1
  • PWL Peace River: Days 5 & 10
  • Penticton (PWL Athens Creek) : Days 1 & 13
  • PWL Red Deer: Day 9
  • PWL Stettler: Just about every day, as many talented folks from the broader Stettler community contributed video clips of their skills and little-kid cuteness to make the season bright.
Standout performances

There are lots of standout performances, including a new poem penned by Audrey Ross (pictured above), the 100-year old resident poet at PWL Athens Creek in Penticton. In the poem, Audrey wonders what was going through the grandmother’s mind and heart at the birth of Jesus.

I wonder now at Christmas, when I wake up at morn,
If the Grandma of our Savior felt my thrill when he was born.
Did she know my sweet fulfillment, did she feel along with me
That this fragment from her body gave her immortality?
Did she count herself so blessed; did she thank the Lord above,
For the wonder of a grandchild, for the special gift to love?
When God gave his Son to Mary, when the baby Christ was born,
Was his Grandma’s heart rejoicing, as mine does on Christmas morn?

Photo: Screenshot of resident Audrey Ross reading her latest poem for PWL Athens Creek’s contribution to the 2021 Virtual Caroling video. This and many other video selections are available on the Connecting Care YouTube channel.

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