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Eden Yearbook is a storybook to warm the heart

January 12th, 2022

Once upon a time, Points West Living and its management company Connecting Care decided they wanted people living in their communities to be free from loneliness, helplessness and boredom. So, they chose to follow the Eden Alternative philosophy of care. And every year they collected stories of how the people’s lives became brighter, warmer, and more meaningful. This year they are sharing their latest collection with you! So, pull up a comfy chair…

Hundreds of Eden stories

The 2021 version of the Eden Yearbook is now available online at The ‘flip book’ is more than 300 pages of stories, many of which feature Points West Living communities.

The collection was compiled by marketing manager Mark Dixon, and distributed as bound hardcover books to each community. The communities also have a handful of coil bound books to give as gifts to community supporters.

He loves each one

The stories we hear of Eden in action always strike a chord. When asked whether any particular PWL stories stood out to him, Mark declined to answer, saying, “It’s like asking which of my children is my favourite!”

Choose which heartwarming stories are your favourites by checking out the online version of the 2019-2021 Eden Yearbook at (This link takes you to the Connecting Care homepage. The PDF of the Eden Yearbook is about halfway down and takes about a minute to load).

Photo: Connecting Care marketing manager Mark Dixon settles in for a good read with the 2019-2021 Eden Yearbook full of stories from Points West Living and Connecting Care communities.

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