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Cold Lake team takes shape

January 11th, 2022

Three months after she was named to the position, Amanda Winterhalt (left in above photo) is just about ready to take on the General Manager role at Points West Living Cold Lake. And that’s because Rhonda Parsons (right) has come on board to replace her as Wellness Supervisor and Educator.

Wellness Manager/GM

While still working as PWL Cold Lake’s Wellness Supervisor, Amanda has been training for the GM job alongside current interim GM Tamara Thomas. “Amanda has a lot to offer residents and employee care partners,” says Tamara. “She’s compassionate and innovative, with exceptional critical thinking skills.”

Amanda was born in Nova Scotia, raised in the town of Gibbons north of Edmonton, and moved to Cold Lake in 2001. She worked as a travel agent, enjoying a lot of perks of the trade – travel to exotic locales – but knew that when she got the chance, a career in nursing was in her future.

That chance came when Portage College in Cold Lake began offering a nursing program. Amanda signed up and graduated in 2011. In the ten years since, she gained nursing experience in acute care, surgical care, Emerg, and education.

Surprised by seniors

The world of senior care was a bit of a revelation to Amanda. “I didn’t grow up with grandparents so was always a little scared of seniors,” she says. Once she got to know a friend’s grandmother though, the light went on. “I realized they’re just people with so many great stories to tell.”

Amanda is a ‘hockey mom’ with two teenage children and two dogs. One of those is a recent ‘found’ puppy who Amanda says is struggling with getting outside to do her business; but with recent minus 47-degree temperatures, who can blame her! Amanda is also a runner, who likes to take to the Cold Lake trails when possible, and her treadmill when she’s stuck inside.

Photo: New PWL Cold Lake general manager, Amanda Winterhalt (left) welcomes the community’s new Wellness Supervisor, Rhonda Parsons.

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