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Wise and witty New Year’s resolutions

January 17th, 2022

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions this year? Whether or not you write down your intentions, the start of a new year is a fresh opportunity to consider what you might like to tweak to make your life richer. Residents at Points West Living Athens Creek in Penticton had fun crafting their New Year’s resolutions, and were generous enough to share them here.

Resolution challenge

“At New Year’s I put a sheet of paper on all of the residents’ doors asking what their resolutions for 2022 were,” says recreation coordinator, Ellie Bertrand. “After the residents returned them, I created poster/pages with them and put them up in the dining room.”

Wisdom and wit

Here are some of their intentions:

  • Count my blessings; name them one by one!
  • Make someone smile every day!
  • Be extra kind to new folks as they join us! Kindness does not have a price but can make you feel like a millionaire!
  • Keep up exercise; Answer correspondence promptly; and, Keep sweets to a minimum
  • I am going to eat less... except chocolate!
  • Walk more, eat less, and do better at beanbag baseball
  • To come down for breakfast
  • Be kind; Be mindful one day at a time
  • To be more patient with myself and others; Take better care of myself; Stop complaining and be more grateful for what I do have
  • And this last, from the characteristic wit of 100-years-young resident Audrey Ross: To be more helpful to people older than me!

More photos at Flickr: Wise and witty New Year's resolutions

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