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Aloha, Moose Jaw!

February 4th, 2022

30-below may be a little cool for grass skirts, mimosas, and pineapples, but that was the point. Residents at Points West Living Moose Jaw banished the cold and dark for a day, to embrace a little bit of Hawaii.

Hawaiian Day

Friday January 21st was declared “Hawaiian Day” at PWL Moose Jaw, and residents and employee care partners donned their tropical gear, and enjoyed some Hawaii-themed activities and food.

One of the highlights of the day was a paint-session, where residents were led through the creation of their own paintings of a tropical beach sunset. As they worked on their paintings, they listened to Hawaiian music and sipped on mimosas.

Hawaiian feast

The hands-down highlight was the Hawaiian feast all residents got to enjoy. “The kitchen did a fabulous job of Hawaiian pork, mochiko chicken, coconut shrimp, skewered meatballs & pineapple, mashed yam with white rice, Tahiti Coleslaw with orange & pineapple, and ice cream with mango sauce,” says General Manager Jennifer Montgomery.

“This was my first time seeing them set up the buffet table right in the dining room with our cooks serving the food,” says Jennifer, who joined the community last September. “It was so awesome. Everyone loved it.”

Bikinis and Speedos

Many folks took advantage of the photo stand-in to get hilarious photos taken as shapely bikini-and Speedo-clad beach babes. Jennifer says she’s had that photo-op couple stored away since her mother painted it for her wedding 20 years ago.

“I think the day was a real pick me up,” says Jennifer. “Even residents who don’t usually come down for lunch dressed up and were excited to take part in something different. To do something different is good for the soul.”

Photo: “Which way to the beach?!” Residents, Sheila Root, Dorothy Willoughby, and Dorothy McLean came off the elevator all set for a day at the beach. One resident even carried a bikini in her beach bag.

More photos at Flickr: Aloha, Moose Jaw!

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