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Hearts of Happiness spread love

February 10th, 2022

Baskets of hearts have been placed throughout Points West Living Stettler, inviting residents and employee care partners to pen words of encouragement to each other. Dubbed “Hearts of Happiness”, the valentines are showing up on doors and walls around the community, each card paying tribute to an individual who lives and serves at PWL Stettler.

Uplifting messages

“The idea is to see that all residents and care partners receive positive, uplifting messages from other residents and care partners,” says Deidre Northrop, recreation coordinator. “We have even asked families to stop and fill out some hearts.”

People have been quick to embrace the opportunity to encourage others with their messages. “Everyone is loving the hearts,” Deidre says. “Hearts of Happiness have been written for specific residents on their doors, care partners on their cottage or office doors, and there have been general positive messages posted through the community.”

Beautiful adornment

“This has been a beautiful way to decorate for Valentines, while uplifting everyone in the community.” Hearts of Happiness wraps up on Valentine’s Day.

Photo: Independent living resident Corrie Fryters writes an uplifting valentine message at the main Hearts of Happiness station at PWL Stettler.

More photos at Flickr: Hearts of Happiness spread love

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