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Manicure Mondays deliver more than pretty nails

March 8th, 2022

Manicure Mondays are a relatively new thing at Points West Living Cold Lake, but a core group of residents has embraced the activity with joy. They meet on a couple of Monday evenings almost every month, and sit and visit around the table while employee care partners shape and paint their nails. You can see by the photos how much they enjoy both the process and the results.

Really engaged

“They were really happy,” says office administrator Claudia Cupasachoa of the evening of the most recent Monday manicures. “The last time we did manicures was in January, and they were waiting for this.”

“These women are really engaged in most of the activities, like fitness, painting, crafts, and they are very friendly. They like to gather together in the lounge area after lunch.”

Real pleasure and happiness

Claudia says having the manicures done means a lot to them. “First, they feel we care about them, and they feel part of a group. They are able to socialize with other people,” she says, “And, they can escape from this COVID situation for a moment and feel like they are in a salon. It improves self-esteem and enhances self-care. And in these ladies it brings real pleasure and happiness.”

Photos: (Left) Evelyn Berkshire, and (lower right), Marion Ballachey are in the group of women who meet regularly for Monday Manicures at PWL Cold Lake.

More photos at Flickr: Manicure Mondays deliver more than pretty nails

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